What Email Metrics Should I Monitor?

What metrics should you use to make sure your email marketing campaign is working and optimized?

Below are the key metrics:

Email Deliverability – # of emails delivered divided by the # of emails sent. You want as close to 100% as possible. By cleaning your database on a regular basis, you should have a high deliverability rate.

Open Rate – # of emails opened divided by the # of emails delivered. The largest factor in the open rate is usually the subject line. The better the subject line, the higher the open rate. Other factors that play into this include name and email address in the from field, preview text, and day and time of send.

Click-Through Rate – # of emails clicked divided by the # of emails delivered. The message and body of the email, as well as the call to action, will influence the click-through rate. The better you understand your audience and the better you can put content they want in front of them, the better your click-through rate. But don’t underestimate the power of a good call-to-action.

Click to Open Rate – # of emails clicked divided by the # of emails opened. Similar to click-through rate, your click to open rate will show you how well your message is resonating with your audience. This specific metric will help you isolate your content exclusive of your open rate.

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