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Infusionsoft has all the bells and whistles and is used by some of the top internet marketers.

Infusionsoft has a full business cycle approach.  Infusionsoft pulls in all aspects of your business into one program.

Infusionsoft has some advantages and disadvantages that will determine if this program is the right one for you.


  • Infusionsoft has more functionality with its ability to provide all aspects of the business cycle.
  • Includes form captures which saves you money by not having to buy additional software.
  • Automatic email sends if someone signs up on your form.
  • It has both the automatic series as well as triggered events.
  • It has a comprehensive CRM as well as interlinked accounting systems.


  • Infusionsoft requires an upfront fee of $250 to get trained on the program.
  • Infusionsoft requires a lot of time to set up because it is so comprehensive.  You can pay for an Infusionsoft representative to set it up for you, but it costs around $1,000 to do that.
  • Infusionsoft is a more expensive program.  Costs range from $152/month (will go to $217 after 3 months) for up to 500 contacts and can go up to $292 (but will go to $417 after 3 months) with 25,000 contacts.


  • Marketers that have a marketing budget at a minimum of $1500 per month.
  • Companies that have salespeople and marketers.
  • Marketers who will take the time to create sales funnels and triggers.
  • Marketers who will take the time to segment lists.
  • Salespeople and marketers that will input data and use the features of a CRM.