Creating Your First Email Campaign

If you’re in marketing you have heard that email marketing has a high return on investment.

Hubspot’s study shows a 3800% return on investment ($1 invested with a $38 return).

So how do you capitalize on this? You begin to integrate email marketing into your existing marketing. And the first step is to create your first email series.

What do you need for your first email series? You need to answer these questions.

What’s your goal in this email campaign?

This should always be at the forefront as you create your emails, images, calls to action and more.

What list will you use?

Do you have an existing list? Are you buying a cold list? Is it a list of customers, a list of prospects that are familiar with you, or people that know nothing about your company or your product?
You will need to keep in mind how much education and rapport you need to build.

What product or service will you focus on?

Emails shouldn’t contain all of your products. Each product or service most likely has a different target market. Pick one to start with (and you can branch out from there in later emails).

Who is your audience?

What does your audience look like? Are they men or women? What age? Interests? The more you can narrow down your audience the better.

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