Email Marketing Software for Small and Mid-Size Businesses

What is the right email marketing software for your business? Before looking at email software and email platforms, it’s important for you to determine your goals, your skill level, and your time commitment. And, as is with any marketing strategy, you will want to know the following BEFORE starting: your brand messaging, target market, and brand look.

We have broken down a few key marketing software plans that many businesses use.  While we personally think each has its own unique benefits, some programs are more appropriate for certain businesses than others.

We hope you will enjoy our comparison and analysis of our email platforms.


Aweber was the first email autoresponder I have ever used.  I am still a client with Aweber and use it for certain tasks as well as for certain clients.  Aweber has since added many more features that make it much more than an autoresponder.

What I like about Aweber:

What I don’t like about Aweber:

Who is a good fit with Aweber:

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Compare Email Marketing Software Summary

Active Campaign


Constant Contact



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