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Aweber has been used by internet marketers for quite a while now.  When I first started looking at internet marketing in 2008, Aweber was recommended by many different marketers.

Since then, there have been quite a few new programs that have been introduced that had more functionality.  Because of that, Aweber has added significantly more functionality to it’s offering.

Aweber has some advantages and disadvantages that will determine if this program is the right one for you.


  • Aweber is easy to use.
  • Aweber has many different templates but I think Constant Contact has easier to implement templates.
  • The set up is minimal if you are keeping it simple.
  • Includes form captures which saves you money by not having to buy additional software.
  • Automatic email sends if someone signs up on your form.
  • It has both the automatic series as well as (brand new feature) triggered events.
  • It integrates well with many different applications which allows you to tie your marketing and other business functions together.
  • Aweber gives you a 30 day free trial to see if the program is right for you.


  • Aweber does not have a true CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool.
  • Aweber’s price does increase with the number of contacts you use.  It starts at $19/month for up to 500 contacts and can go up to $149+ with 25,000 contacts.


  • Marketers on a budget that have a decent list (1k).
  • Marketers who will take the time to create sales funnels and triggers.
  • Marketers who will take the time to segment lists.