Email Marketing Makes Everything Better 🙂

Why is email marketing important to my business?

Email marketing is a low cost, efficient way to stay in front of prospects.  Email marketing helps you filter through prospects and start the relationship with many prospects at one time.

If done right, email marketing also lets you move prospects to the next steps and identify the people that you should make a personal connection (phone call, in person visit, etc.).

Does email marketing replace my other marketing methods?

We often get asked if email marketing will replace other marketing methods. And for the most part, the answer is NO! Email marketing is designed to enhance your existing marketing plan. It helps you automate part of your marketing and stay in touch with larger volumes of prospects.

What email marketing platform is best for me?

This is a tough question, and the answer is… IT DEPENDS.  This website is dedicated to reviewing some of our favorite email marketing tools. We give you what we like about the platform, what we don’t like, and when it’s  most appropriate.